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Buy Packwood Prerolls(Min Order 20)

(5 customer reviews)


2grams Rolled Blunt,No Saliva Used,All Flavors Available In Stock

2grams Rolled Blunt,No Saliva Used,All Flavors Available In Stock


2grams Rolled Blunt,No Saliva Used,All Flavors Available In Stock

The first time I wrote about pre-rolled joints, I labeled them the hot dogs of the cannabis industry: “Cheap to make, easy to consume and extremely convenient – but do you really want to know what’s inside?” Most of the time, you don’t.

There’s a reason dispensaries will sell you pre-rolled joints for a penny on your first visit: because they’re full of crap. Even some of my favorite pot shops that are known for selling Denver’s best flower routinely pack their pre-rolls with leafy trim or powderized plant material, both of which are hard on the throat. A few will be honest about what’s inside and charge only $5 or $6. For the most part, though, they’re $10 sticks of shit. Buy a dispensary’s pre-roll at your own risk.

Over the past few months, though, shops have started to carry more pre-rolls — not from their own grows, but from wholesale companies dedicated to joints and little else. They may be more expensive than what you’re used to, but at least they’re full of whole flower and not leaves and snickelfritz buds

Willie Nelson was one of the first celebrities to get in on Colorado’s pot industry, buying up cultivation licenses and securing partnerships with established growers to start one of the first successful pre-roll suppliers. The red-headed stranger has set the bar high, selling strain-specific, one-gram cones for around $12 and even listing profiles of its growers on its website (my Grape Ape joint came from Sundance Gardens). Willie’s Reserve joints can be a little difficult to light – puff it like a cigar, don’t pull it like a joint – and it can be hard to get decent hits during the first half if they’re packed too tight. Still, the price point is solid compared to most dispensary pre-rolls, and the flower quality is consistently choice. Would I rather buy a gram and roll one myself? Yes, but this is still my top recommendation if you’re too lazy or don’t know how to roll

5 reviews for Buy Packwood Prerolls(Min Order 20)

  1. Connor

    packwoods always carrys the best flower and the price is fair for 4 grams and always consistent. cool smoke on all weather

  2. JohnMark

    really do like the rolls, not just cause some contain about 3.5g but also they got some mad strains on here. well done guys i look forward to more deliveries from you guys

  3. Rash

    Really energetic

  4. Parker

    packwoods are always good. we blow on em daily with many top strains

  5. Vitzek

    This is my favorite strain it really helps with my anxiety. comes in many flavors

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